Forensics Jobs

This is a list of the most recent/urgent jobs for Forensic Science within the UK. The list includes both temporary and permanent positions, noting their locations and approximate wage. Jobs in Forensic Science are usually both laboratory and none laboratory based positions due to the nature of the job. Forensic Science graduates should expect to of taken courses in biology, chemistry, physics, pathology and anthropology. These all include lab based work. When graduating as a forensic scientist, you will work in a laboratory setting, handling and examining evidence. From this evidence you must provide the findings of your investigations to the criminal detectives for further action. This can often lead to testifying in a court of law. Biology graduates or graduates with other natural science degrees could also be qualified for a role in the forensic science field. Jobs in this field are very competitive therefore often people have masters or PhD's in the field of Forensic Science. If an employer is searching for a graduate with a specific set of qualifications and skills, the more you have accrued the better chance you have of being qualified and getting that job. We update this list regularly with current graduate Forensic Science jobs; please keep up to date with vacancies as they can go quick.

Lab Technician ICP-MS

To undertake analysis of client samples of food, beverages, and other food industry materials for trace metals and nutritional elements by Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).

Physical Testing Scientist - Medical Devices

Experience graduate scientist or engineer required to join a leading commercial laboratory in their Physical Testing Department to work on the qualification of a range of medical devices for regulatory and quality standards.