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A good quality description is a great aid in writing a science job advertisment that will maximise the possibility of attracting high quality candidates who have the required skills & experience. Use a well written job description aligned with a person specification to build the required level of experience, skills and personal attributes required to find the perfect candidate for your science job. 

Benefits of a strong Job Description

When a job desription is created in the correct way it has numerous benefits such as quick and easy details of the job, allowing the shortlisted applicants to know exactly what they are applying for and it indicates the expected level of work required. It also greatly assists the hiring manager conducting the interviews as to what they are recruiting for and adds to the bank of company knowledge as to what every job holder is required to do, and to what standard. 

Things to avoid when writing your Job Description

Try and avoid writing about the disfunctions of the current or previous job holder, the job description should be sculpted around the job that needs doing, not the job that wasn't done well before. Also avoid being unrealistic with 'wish list' styled bullet pointing, be real about the job in hand and write a consise, accurate and objective document. Avoid making the job description more than two pages of A4 where possible.

Features of a well built Science Job Description

  • Job Title
  • Job Purpose - Why is this postion needed?
  • Job Position - Where in the business will you be placed?
  • Key Interactions - Who does the employee report to?
  • Managerial Tasks - Are there any supervisory duties?
  • Expectation - Clearly explained responsibilities and expected delivery of service
  • Long, Medium & Short term objectives - Measurable
  • Progression Routes - Is there potential for promotion?
  • Key functions - Detailed job function & requirements
  • Training - Required level of education or training required?
  • Time of employment - Hours of work, breaks etc
  • Location of employment - Where will they be based, on the road? Head office base?
  • Benefits - Salary range including future prospects if possible, benefits etc.
  • Represent Ethos - Argubly the hardest point to include - Try and represent the ethos, culture and working attitude of the business to convey what the candidate should expect if successful. 

Person Specification

Once you have completed writing the description for your science job, you can use it to sculpt the person specification. Remember the job description should be entirely about the job and everything surrounding it, whereas the person specification is entriely about the person you are in search of to best fit that job. You do this by building a profile of characteristics and attributes that are either essential or desirable for the candidate to hold to be successful in the role.

Using a defined person specification means that all candidates are judged against the same guidelines (essential/desirable attributes) so any decisions made on selection can be backed up with evidence of why they did or did not meet the expected criteria.

Features of a well built Science Person Specification:

  • Qualifications - Level of education needed to complete tasks.
  • Knowledge - Level of subject knowledge needed to 'hit the ground running'.
  • Skills - Level of expected skills to be able to complete tasks.
  • Experience - Proven track record of experience to make them suitable for the role.
  • Personal Qualities - What attitude, behaviour and personal attributes do they have to bring to the team, what makes them stand out?
  • Transport - Do they need a driving licence or vehicle to complete the job?
  • Availability for interview - When will you be conducting interviews if the candidate is successful?
  • AOB - Any other business, an area where if you want to mention any special requirements or attributes required, any mention of equal opportunites etc.

Make sure you stay objective to the job required and remember it must not specify age, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability. 

For further help and advice on writing the perfect Job Description and Person Specification please contact us.

Alternatively please take a look at our Interviewing Tips page where we give advice on giving interviews and all the things to prepare and watch out for.

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