Advice For Recent Physics Graduates

What jobs can you get with a Physics degree?

Physics Graduates find themselves leaving university with a degree and looking for jobs where they can use their learnt practice and delve into their scientific field of choice. But one question on many graduates’ minds is what jobs are out there for them to apply for...

Physics graduates are often valued for their mathmematical assets aswell as having very strong analytical qualities. It is often that graduate Physicians are placed or suited for more roles than they could imagine, due to their varied but focussed skillset they are often suited for IT & data related career paths. 

Here is an example list of Biology graduate jobs you could expect to find;

  • Physicist
  • Research Scientist
  • Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Laser Engineer
  • Trading Desk Assistant
  • Optpelectronics Engineer

How can a Biology Graduate get that edge they need in such a competitive job market?

Due to the diverse skillset that Physics graduate attain, they are widely suited to many career paths. This can be from nuclear physicist to medical physicist. As with any career, there will be that need for a competative edge. Now how do you gain that competitive edge? You make yourself a specialist within a certain area of your chosen degree. One thing we find is that there is such a higher demand for Physics graduates with post graduate experiance, a masters or PhD along with impressive academic grades. All of these are beneficial when going through the application stage and could give you that edge you need.

Expected starting salary for Physics Graduate?

When getting your first post graduate job related to your degree, you would be expecting around the £20,000-£25,000 mark but this can vary depending on numerous variables. 

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