Social Science Computational Modeler in Wiltshire

The intent to use chemical biological (CB) weapons has been demonstrated by both state and non-states. The intent of an adversary will affect the choice of agent and how it’s used and understanding this intent will help to counteract these efforts. There is a current lack of tools to aid this process and this project aims to develop a novel modelling capability to support decision-making. The aim is to enable robust, systemic analysis and exploration of adversary intent through considering key social, cultural and behavioural factors.

Your contribution will involve taking the lead for developing a low-technology readiness level computational model, which will be based on a conceptual framework of CB intent that has already been developed. A key aspect of this work is to integrate social science theories into a quantitative modelling framework. This could involve a hybrid modelling approach, potentially utilising probabilistic, dynamic and empirical elements.

This is a full-time 12 month contract, beginning January 2019. The daily pay rate (inside IR35) is £504 umbrella or £403.40 PAYE. The job is based in Porton Down.

Main duties include:
-working with the DSTL project team to clarify model requirements and determine the highest priority questions that need to be answered
-leading the design of a computational model that incorporates key factors
-developing a prototype TRL 3 model that can provide quantitative advice

Qualifications Required
-an undergraduate degree in a quantitative discipline
-post-graduate qualifications (Masters, PhD)

Skills and Experience Required
- Computational Modelling (including experience with dynamic and probabilistic modelling methods and ability to work with abstract concepts)
- Social science expertise (including ability to engage with literature and grasp disparate conceptual models, ability to understand and apply empirical models)
-Software coding (to the level of being able to develop low-TRL prototypes e.g. Matlab, R, Pyton) N.B. formal software engineering will not be required
-you must be SC cleared




Porton Down


Daily Rate
£504 umbrella or £403.40 PAYE

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