Research Scientist. PhD Qualified. FMCG in Berkshire



 The timely release of finished product with respect to microbial content is essential to the delivery of quality product to our consumers. In this project the successful candidate will explore a new, commercially available technology- which has the potential to quantify, identify and potentially confirm whether bacteria are alive or dead, delivering results significantly faster than current methods. While this equipment has been shown to work in academic labs and the wine/beer industry- the concept of the use of this apparatus needs to be proven for manufacturing use in Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

This is a 6-month position based at our new R&D facility in Reading UK.

The successful candidate will be expected to qualify and validate the effectiveness of this approach relative to P&G products and reference chemicals, confirming the accuracy and sensitivity of the techniques relative to known reference cultures, and establish the relationship relative to traditional microbiological techniques. Part of the work will be the development of a referential data base (to aid the identification of organisms from essentially a chemical `fingerprint`) with the expectation that key data will be shared externally via cross industry collaborations and publication.


  • To be trained in the operation of the equipment, sample preparation, analysis and data handling-, and subsequently be able to train others.
  • To generate statistically robust data for the validation of the technique, reference spectra library and comparison to traditional techniques.
  • To validate sample separation approaches and recovery data for P&G products and reference chemistries.


Qualifications, Experience & Attributes

  • PhD in Microbiology, Bioanalytical, or a closely related discipline, with a proven lab focus and quality data generation. Demonstrated skill in handling data ideally in the arena of bioinformatics, chemical spectral analysis and associated statistical analysis (PCA/MCA) and associated software.
  • Critical thinking & problem-solving skills, being able to break down problems into actionable technical learning plans and delivery using current scientific method. Turning data into learnings and influencing project direction.
  • Collaboration- mature, professional, constructive behaviour within multifunctional teams both internally and with external partners.



In this role you can expect to learn how to work effectively within a global, multifunctional team. Developing and applying new capability to solve tough technical challenges within an FMCG company. Further development of technical leadership skills in a highly application driven role.






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