Post-Doctoral Researcher, Multiferroics Job in Cambridgeshire

Post-Doctoral Researcher – Multiferroics

3 year fixed term temporary contract.

3-6 months in Cambridgeshire, UK;  before transferring to Tokyo for duration of contract.

Salary is circa £40,000


*Any offer will be contingent upon being able to secure a visa to work and live in Japan.




In collaboration with its parent company based in Japan, our client is contributing to a multi-university project to develop the next generation Multiferroic materials and technologies for eco-friendly electronic devices.  Undertaking research within their research Institute to develop, characterise and research the quantum physical properties of novel solid-state multiferroic materials.  Such materials demonstrate multiple properties such as ferroelectricity, ferromagnetism and ferroelasticity.



  • Research ranging from fundamental verification of material properties through to practical application.
  • Utilising the quantum properties of the multiferroic materials to demonstrate novel device results and developments.
  • Create and demonstrate prototype devices that leverage the fundamental benefits and features of multiferroic materials for future commercial applications.



  • Working in a collaborative team to develop new multiferroic materials for use in energy harvesting and memory applications.
  • Development of energy harvesting devices based on multiferroic materials, including but not limited to thermoelectric and bulk photovoltaic devices. 
  • Collaboration with other researchers and institutes to develop memory devices based on the developed multiferroic material.
  • Experimental evaluation of quantum physical properties of multiferroic materials and their impact on device performance.
  • Analysis of results to identify key parameters which impact device performance and use the data to make recommendations for improvements to both devices and materials.
  • Optimisation of device fabrication processes to improve performance and demonstrate the potential of using such multiferroic materials in novel energy harvesting devices.
  • Support the development of theoretical understanding of new multiferroic materials and devices. 
  • Develop, document and deliver project plans focussed on R&D research aims in combination with the project leads and research teams.
  • Timely, accurate reporting of results, conclusions, and recommendations for next steps.
  • Presentation of data in one-to-one discussions, team meetings and at wider discussion forums. 
  • Identification of intellectual property, filing of invention disclosures, and providing feedback to ensure high quality patent applications.
  • Ensuring that health and safety standards are being met and maintained. Working safely within the laboratory environment; carrying out COSHH and risk assessments of processes as appropriate.



  • PhD in a related field such as Solid State or Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Physics or Materials Science or a related discipline. 
  • Experimental preparation of solid-state materials samples using sputtering or other in-organic deposition/growth techniques.
  • Measurement and analysis of materials properties, including low temperature phenomena (sub-4K).
  • Design, preparation and evaluation of test devices and application prototypes.
  • Theoretical physics of solid-state materials and/or quantum phenomenon.


Sr - PDR




£35,000 to £50,000
Circa £40,000

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